About Us

About Us

Who are Vincent and Lorali Bellina, owners of Bellina Arte? Take a closer look at the life, love, and passion for art behind this exclusive global art dealer.

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Your Trusted Source for Fine Art Collections from Around the World

Bellina Arte is the culmination of a dream to connect art lovers with fine art collections worldwide without the traditional middlemen and hassles. Husband-and-Wife Owners Vincent and Lorali Bellina are consummate global art dealers who represent and establish connections between prestigious artists, galleries, museums, art collectors, and the art buyers who wish to add to their collections. The Bellina's bring years of experience as art owners and dealers to each client.

Where It All Began

Growing up in Italy, Vincent enjoyed exposure to beautiful art, immersed fully in the bedrock of art’s origins. He recalls seeing the works of Michelangelo in person, which left him spellbound and wholly in love with art from that day forward. Years later, Vincent brought Lorali into the art world. She explains it was one piece by Matisse at The Getty in L.A. that left her awestruck. But that was just the beginning.

Eventually, Vincent and Lorali returned to Italy, where they explored the art world together. As their love grew, their vision to become global art dealers took form. Today, well-established in the industry, Vincent and Lorali want to extend their expertise and passion to art buyers through Bellina Arte.

The Clients We Serve

At Bellina Arte, we welcome all people who love art. In the words of a great teacher, Italian Author Luigi Pirandello: “all and none, one and 100,000.” If you share our passion for art, you will find what you seek at Bellina Arte.

Our clients come from all walks of life, all interests, and all income levels. We believe art is for everyone and will guide you step-by-step to find the art that speaks to you and works for your budget.

The Bellina Arte Experience

We work exclusively with artists, museums, and collectors to facilitate a unique art buying experience for each client. Vincent and Lorali curate stunning art collections to view online, so clients can explore art from the comfort of home. While most of the art collections are in storage in European vaults, each work of art has the necessary paperwork and provenance. It’s our goal to ensure clients can shop with confidence and have peace of mind.

When you choose Bellina Arte, you can trust you are working with global art dealers who have direct access to the finest art collections in the world. We cut out the middleman and honor each relationship we have with our valued clients. We are people who love art and want to share with other people who love art. Its that simple. 

View our online art gallery or contact us to schedule a consultation with Vincent and Lorali.