Oluwanbe Amodu

Born on March 19th in Lagos, Nigeria Oluwanbe hails from Ondo State, Oluwanbe was born into a family of 6 he was the first son and the only Artist in the family, He attended the famous Yaba College of Technology, He joined Ara Studio in 2007, where he was trained in the technique of Araism directly under  Mufu Onifade the master proponent of Araism. 

Oluwanbe was a Science student in his high school days but his first love was art and with the help and encouragement of his late Mother, he was able to maintain his path as an Artist. Oluwanbe is inspired by his environment. He is a lover of his culture and tradition and this reflects in his work of arts.

He has been a regular exhibiting artist. In 2010, he was selected among 101 Nigerian Artists in a book which was published to celebrate modern contemporary Nigerian Artists, by Mr Ben Bosha, a Nigerian publisher based in Columbus USA. Oluwanbe Amodu works have been Exhibited in Nigeria,USA and also in Beni Republic. Oluwanbe Amodu is an experimentalist, he has experimented Araism style with fabrics and paper, mixed media and other objects in his art without losing the beauty of the style of Araism painting.

Oluwanbe Amodu has impacted the lives of the younger generation of Artists through programs both in Nigeria and the US.

He has  donated his original artwork to Share Your Soles an NGO based in Chicago, that help children in Africa with Shoes, and also Drops in the Bucket a US organisation based in Uganda, and many other organizations
that  give helps to people of Africa.

Contemporary Art

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